Maintenance of the Diesel Engine
There are three ways to maintenance of diesel engine.
1.Maintenance in daily life.
-Check the oil level in the oil sump to keep the level between the markedline, approaching the upper one.
-Check the level in injection pump and fill more if necessary.
-Check cooling water in the radiator.
-Check thoroughly and joints and keep them in normal condition.
-Clean the dirt on the surface of the engine.
-Fix all the breakdowns.

2.Maintenance after 100 hours operating.
-Clean the main parts of the oil filter. Replace the paper oil filtercartridge if it is destroied.
-Clean fuel filter cartridge and replace it if necessary.
-Check the tension cylinder head cover bolts and tighten it to regulated position.
-Check value clearnance and adjust it.
-Check the tension of the belt.
-Clean the accumulated carbon in the exhaust pipe.

3.Maintenance after 500 hours operating.
-Check the injection pressure of the fuel injectors.
-Check the fuel supply advance angle and adjust it if it is required.
-Check the sealing condition.
-Retighten the connector bolts, the main bearing-cove bolts and the flywheel bolts.
-Retighten cylinder head bolts adjust value cleanance as regulation.
-Replace the lub . Oil in the fuel injection pump.
-Check crank shaftseal and replace it if it worn out.
-Clean oil passage.
-Make a whole check for the engine and do some adjustment if neccessary.