F.U.V. (Rotary Power Tiller Short) JY4-7 RV1S
The Description of the product
Loosen Soft soil. Premium grade cast Shift gear without full stopping. Full material for service.

1. JY4-7 RV1 is suitable for Dry and Water fields.
2. JY4-7 RV1 is suitable for all kinds of Vegetables.
3. JY4-7 RV1 is for Plowing weeds.
4. Long and Short Handles are available for various kinds of property.
5. Rotary size 60,80,100 cm. are selective for each size of properties.
6. 6 cm Blades on rotary are arranged with threaded type so it helps spreading shoveling force efficintly and smoothly.
7. It is designed for high performance with max. plowing depth up to 18 cm. with 2-3 cm. soil dia. approximately.
8. From the rotary design on front stand and wheel supporting make it easy to change the whee.
9. It can be run the rotary itself which is for hilly to be flat place.
10. End Cover of Rotary is designed to be a rake which can be adjusted the level.
11. Both Metal and rubber wheel can be used with JY4-7 RV1
12. Engine stand is designed with Ridge level concern.