Maintenance After Used The F.U.V.

Daily Storage

        After Operation, It's important the F.U.V. be properly stored to prolong it's service life and prevent rusting.

        1.     Right after operation, wash mud and soil off the F.U.V. especially the wheel axel seal,steering clutch mechanism and transmission case. wipe dry with cloth.

        2.     using the FLYING STAR engine oil, Lubricate all moving and friction-bearing parts.

        3.     Apply oil or grease to the thread of plough adjustment lever.

Long-term Storage

        1.     Follow the aforementioned daily storage procedures.

        2.     Repair any paint chips.

        3.     Keep the F.U.V. in a dry place clear of dust. cover it with cloth.

        4.     Place the main clutch level at "Engage" position to prevent
the fatigue of the clucth spring. Placing it at the "Stop" position
may cause a brake lock.