How to Plowing in Effectively Way
Plowing is firstr step to prepare soil before grow up of plants. Good plowing must cut all of weed. All of the area must plow in the same deep in direct line. So there are 2 ways for plowing the farm.
1.Plow from center of area to outside.
-Devide the area.

-Plow to open the line.
-After the end of line must turn right to 2 lines.
-Continue to plow till the last line of area.

2.Plow from outside to centre of area.
This way isn t open line like the first way. Plowing begin in the conner of area and plow t
ill the end of area. If you always use this way in the centre of area will be like basin. But you can solve this problem by plow in the first way for this year and next year can plow in the second way.