Board of Directors

Sang         Chansangcharoen      President
Nattavee    Chansangcharoen      Managing Director and General Manager
Sungkom    Jetiyanun                 Asst. Managing Director and Consultant of Factory
Surachai     Chansangcharoen      Asst. Managing Director and Stock Manager
Nattapon    Chansangcharoen      Asst. Managing Director and Marketing Manager
Nattinee     Chansangcharoen      Asst. Managing Director and Project Sales Manager
Kittavee     Chansangcharoen       Sales Manager (Domestic)

     Made high qulity of products, deliver on time and fast service for satisfaction of customers.

     Within 2017 S.T.I will be come 1 0f 5 leader company in region that grow up in ASEAN Countries market with high quality of agriculture equipments. With base of strongest market in country.