How to Choose Water Pump
Water pump is equipment for increase pressure of water pump to transfer water from place to another place. There are two types of water pump; use with motor and use with engine.Types of water pump.1.Automantic water pump propose to building and town house.2.Steady water pump propose to apartment and house. This type pumping in steady water.3.Centrifugal water pump propose to agriculture, make sprinkler and tank filling. This type pumping in high volume of water.4.Submersible water pump use for pumping and transfer out. For example, pumping water out in the flood area. This type can pumpong in high volume of water.Important thing before buy water pump.1.Volume of water.2.Volume of horse power.3.Size of pipe for water pump.4.Type of electronic power.5.Distance of water transfer.How to choose water pump.1.Know the detail of using. For example, if you want to install sprinkler you must to know the volume of water and pressure of sprinkler.2.Choose water pump that propose for your work. For example, centrifugal water pump propose for agriculture.3.Size of water pump. This rule is up to user; how volume of water that they want.
Phang Nga s Farmer Suggested How to Manage Plant in Dry Season
Phang Nga s farmer Mr.Sommat advice during the dry season. Please beware of fire in the farm due to drought crisis. As a result, the infected fruit to drop. This are three advice to protect damage in the dry season.-Use organic fertilizer cover plants and don t use chemical fertilizer in dry season. If it necessary chemival fertilizer must be wet when use.-Always cut weed out from farm by remove grass. Bring weed to cover base of small plants for keep water.-Don t plough in the farm because it destroy to ecology and make soil dry.
Water is Life
Thailand is a country that use water waste in the world only in argriculture. The technology of water will be important to that help to use water in effectively way and plants will be strong. Also, it reduce of plant s desease. By the way, it effect to improve product of plant. Such as, taste and color.Nowadays, the futurs of argriculture important more than four requisites and can effect to improve other ways. Soil, water, air and technology are necessary things for argriculture.  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations or FAO said 97.5% of water in the world are salt water and 2.5% are fresh water. A farmer spend water 135 lite for a egg, actually a person spend water 3000 lite perday. So, water management resource in the future will be the important topic for human life.
How to Keep Agricultural Tools Without Rust
Agricultural toolThere are many steps to grow up plants, Such as, preparation soil, seeding and watering plants. Which each process isn t use the same tools. We should know about tools for work in the effectively way. 1.  Hoe is for cut or shear.  After use always make it clean and cover the oil in the metal material. 2.  Shovel is for digging or loosen the soil. After use always make it clean and cover the oil in the metal material. 3.  Watering can is for water small plants. After use always make it dry and keep it. 4.  Bucket is for put water the plants. After use always make it clean 5.  Rubber tube is for watering big plants.After use always keep it without break. 6.  Fork shovel is for shovel the soil in the base area of plants. After use always make it clean and cover the oil in the metal material. 7.  Spoon plant is for dig the hole for put the seed. After use always make it clean and cover the oil in the metal material.